Inner Workings

by Exchanger

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released July 6, 2017

All music and lyrics, artwork by Nicolas Martin



all rights reserved


Exchanger Amsterdam, Netherlands

Since I was young,I've always been interested in playing and composing my own tunes. What I can't play I program, and what I can't program I do myself. So I play the guitar and bass; some key parts and the vocals. I make everything at home with basic gear and software, which you can probably hear in the final result.

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Track Name: Pressure Vessel
Please kindly be our slave
Or become an outcast
And we will make you crave
For this meaningless task

Internalize failures
Deny the touch of chaos
Your fate is only yours
Assistance is weakness

Chorus :
Can you feel the pressure raise in your veins
Slowly wear out the thin vessels ?
Can you hear the beat of the galley's drum ?
Tediously dragging on the vessel
Do you think that you can last much longer ?
S'there even an alternative ?
Will you sink if they throw you overboard ?
Or is it that's what they'll have you believe ?

Blend in our dull portaits
Erase personal traits
Become our standard
Shave smooth get a haircut
Put (on) this branded
Silly shirt

For not doing what I ask
In this small confined space
Yourself you'll have to face
And this meaningless task

To the most absurd of our senseless
Demands you shall bow
Else, we will bore you out to death
Short of pushing you out the window

Chorus (2)

From the overseer
Down to the underling
You relay the pressure
Override the feeling

The only thing worth preserving
Keep going forward
But save your self-esteem
And whether you stay on board
Simply blow off the steam
Track Name: Nameless
They had memories, events of our past
Back a hundred years in time
The Great War, supposed to be the last

The last of them has passed away
And the words remaining
Sound like a vital warning

Hear their last lament :
"We didn't want to wage this war,
We didn't want to fight our kind
We didn't know each other
Yet had to kill and die first in line
All this for what ?"

"Toughen up, toughen up !
The youth needs action or they'll turn queer and soft"

So it has come to this
Some madmen want to put you through
The same old nightmares

We'd rather be nameless,
Than be an icon for warmongers
We don't condone their craze
Track Name: Despise Us
We are the scum
We are
We are the scum
Of humanity

You hate us !
Media use our image
Despise us !
They chose who you hate

Turning you away
From those who matter
The ones in control

Politically corrupt
Guess who wins the game in the end

I don't know but at least
We lose less than you
Hate flow means cash flow
We can live with it
And we totally do

If you were wise,
you'd ignore us !
Track Name: Our Only Way
We die because we are weak
Immortal means static
Forced to evolve for other forms
Be faster, or be fed to the worms

The selection needs to be operated
Each generation is put under stress
Those who fail the test, decimated
An endless and merciless process

Our only way to eternity
Is to pass on the flame
But accept that we have to
Fade away into the nothingness

Our petty self-destructive quarrels
Turn out to weigh less in annals
Than devastating epidemies
An empire for a virus species

A broken thread of DNA
Makes the difference between
The revolution or the dismay
Of a whole and entire kin

Our only way to eternity
Is to pass on the flame
But accept that we have to
Fade away

Death strikes a hard bargain
The price just to survive is pain
The result of fighting other life
The outcome of a timeless strife
(Fighting decay with sharp blades)

How to use your energy
You can’t pick a strategy
Only hope you drew the right cards
Just a pawn in a game that discards

Some have set out to be dominators
Non contempt to be mere survivors
They will burden enslave and exploit
Leaving realms crushed burnt and destroyed

We live by the day
We squander away
Irrational minds dictate our ways
Ressources go to waste by the hour
We keep on going
Eventhough we know
It can’t last long
But it's because despite all our tricks
Cheating circumstances
We are still fragile and mortal
Demise lurking about
Powerless against the passing time
Exist, evolve, you don’t have a say
We just fear for ourselves

Our only way to eternity
Is to pass on the flame
But accept that we have to
Fade away

Genetic only information
Doesn’t suffice
Another means of transmission
Is necessary